About size

About each shoe size


In recent years, the size of the shoes released by each brand as a ready-made product is basically "D" width.
It is said that this is because the average width of Westerners is narrow and the instep is low. (Japanese people tend to have high insteps and wide feet)
Therefore, if you buy ready-made sneakers, "The length is 26.5 cm, but the width is tight, so I usually wear a larger size of 27.5 cm."
As a result, there are many people who buy online as it is because the size does not fit them or they get lost.

At Argo, there are 2 patterns of methods: one that is made in a ready-made size, and the other that is made to order based on the customer's own measurements.

First time purchaser

If you are worried about purchasing for the first time, please measure your foot size and fill in the measured size in the remarks column. At that time, I would appreciate it if you could fill in the manufacturer and size that you usually wear.
Based on that data, we will make a ready-made size near here.
Please fill in the remarks column on the cart page .

How to choose a ready-made size

First of all, if you usually wear leather shoes from a major brand (Red Wing, Whites, etc.) and have no problems with them, we recommend that you purchase them in that size and width.
However, engineer boots have different heel and calf sizes, so we recommend measuring the "calf" and "heel" of the shaft (cylinder) part as shown in the video.

size order

As a paid option, we also offer a "size order" to measure and make.

In the online shop, we will make it according to the size you measured yourself.

If you visit our store , we will make it according to the measurements taken at the time of your visit.

If you measure yourself, be sure to wear socks and have someone else measure you while standing so that your weight rests on your feet.

If you sit down and measure by yourself, it is difficult to put your weight on it, and the width and other values ​​may be smaller than the original values, and the finished product may be smaller.

How to measure sandal feet [barefoot]

How to measure the feet of low shoes and boots [with socks]

Please measure the vertical length, width, and instep, and enter them when ordering.

How to measure the feet of engineer boots [with socks]

Please measure the length, width, instep, heel, and calf, and enter them when ordering.