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誠に不本意ながら2022年11月30日より、輸入材料の高騰により革及び製品価格を下記の通り改正させていただく事になりました。又、製品の使用革の一部変更を致します。 お客様方には大変ご迷惑をおかけしますが、ご理解ご協力お願い致します。 記  ・Winch Oxford Shoes ¥62,500(tax in) → ¥64,500(tax in) [サイズオーダー無料→¥5,500] ・Anchor 6inch Boots ¥75,500(tax in) → ¥79,800(tax in) [サイズオーダー¥10,000→¥5,500] ・Keel Engineer Boots ¥82,500(tax in) → ¥89,800(tax in) [サイズオーダー¥10,000→¥5,500] ・ホースバットレザー     Winch   ¥5500→¥7,000 Anchor ¥5500→¥8,500 Keel     ¥5500→¥10,000 ・イタリア M.P.G社 ニューヨークレザー → イタリア エルバマットに変更

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Miyagi Kogyo OCS

Although it is only available at physical stores, Argo handles pattern orders for Miyagi Kogyo. Even if you have the men's shoes and loafers you want "Fingers and insteps hurt tightly with ready-made products" "Small or large feet and no size" It is recommended for those who do not have shoes that suit them, or those who want to wear shoes with the ideal design and attention. We can make pattern orders that are close to full orders from the 40,000 yen level, so if you are interested, we are waiting for you. Reference example 42,900 yen 4 pairs [No paid option]

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Apology Notice

Argo has been repairing and ordering shoes so far, but this time, the shoe repair business will be completely suspended. There are no plans to resume repair work. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers who have been indebted for many years, and thank you for your understanding.

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